Brief background

Our Kenyan founder and operational Director

The Kenyan founder and Director of TFEC is Charles Ooko Odero .Charles has a deep connection to orphans, destitute children and widows due to his own personal life experiences growing as an orphan from grade 8 in primary school when he lost his father while he was 15yrs .Being the last born in a family of eleven children, while in fourth form in High School, Charles had lost all his siblings due to HIV/AIDs, Malaria among other illness and remained with his old and ailing Mother. Charles managed to go through other people’s generosity till he graduated as a High School Teacher. This made a mark in his life and has always reached out to assist needy and desperate children and widows with his meager salary as a teacher.

Charles Ooko Odero - Co-Founder Township Foundation Education Centre

A man of great determination and resilience having got salvation in form four, Charles has had a golden heart of helping needy cases through soliciting funds from friends, his small businesses and farming activities just to help the needy children including the orphans in his home who remained after the death of his siblings.

The Motto for TFEC is “The Power of The Child”. Charles believes that he saved a home having lost all his siblings by standing with orphans and destitute children and in 2005, he gathered the village widows and orphans to form a work group that would generate a small income through peasant farming and working for people in the farms to buy food, clothes, medication and put up a temporary shelter for the homeless. He registered Okonyo OSiepe self Help Group (Friends Helping Each Other) to formalize the group and gathered orphans and destitute children and operated an informal education Centre in his mother’s compound where the children would be given private free tuition in the evenings and weekends using volunteer teachers from the village and Charles himself.

In 2007/2008 a number if abandoned, orphaned and stranded children sought refuge at the group, due to the post-election violence, which led to deaths, internal displacement of people and animosity.

In 2015, the population of the needy children grew big with a high geographical area .Charles officially registered Township Foundation Education Centre as a Kenyan Community Based Organization with the Ministry of culture and social services .He used his small personal savings to acquire a piece of land near his mother’s compound and put up an education Centre to host the orphans and the destitute children, some from the village and some from far who up to now put up in his mother’s compound. Charles then resigned from is Government teaching job to fully dedicate his time and energy to oversee and direct the operations of the young Education Centre, TFEC.

Gonsag Odero - Co founder

Our Mission

To bring hope and lifeline to a hopeless and vulnerable Kenyan child, to mold, build and nurture him/her to fit into the normal society life so as to equally compete for opportunities with not only other Kenyan children but world over.

Our Vision

To transform the society through a holistic form of education involving; spiritual, mental and physical, that will see the Centre grow into a beacon of Change and Hope.

Specific Objectives

This goal will be supported by a focus on these areas;

  1. Establish a well-equipped Education Centre with the relevant technology to promote a competitive edge in a fast paced globalizing world.
  2. Provide material and financial support to the vulnerable children at TFEC.
  3. Provision of affordable quality Education
  4. Skills training for children and the youth and promote enhanced organizational capacity and building a strong financial resource base.
  5. Establish a sustainable feeding program for the TFCE Children.

The specific objectives will lead the Centre to establish the following;

  1. Education Centre
  2. Recreational Centre equipped with technology to serve the students and community.
  3. Library equipped with relevant books for empowerment.
  4. Projects that will support the Centre for self-sustainability.
  5. Health facilities to fight malnutrition in the community and it’s environ.