Primary program

The primary learning is one course which will support students to grade 8 based on Kenyan curriculum. The program is demanding the fact that students need some basic needs to create a good learning environment, this include; desks, books and school uniform and above all classrooms. It’s in this spirit that we call fourth any contribution which will be of great significance.


The nursery caters for the small children who have reached school going age. For the program to run affectively we need support from well-wishers. Currently we have volunteer teachers and support staff who also need support for their up keep.

Most parents spend most of their time in the farms. This makes the pupils idle at home. TFEC provides an ample playground for the pupils, as they play we expose them to early childhood education, they are introduced to their first education experiences. The Centre has a small dispensary, where the children can access care. Due to the poverty levels in the region, most families find it impossible to afford three meals a day. Our Centre tries to offer food to the children however difficult it is.

Baby care

TFEC is open to take care of vulnerable children whose parents and guardian are unable to keep at home due to lack of food and other basic essential needs.

The poverty level in Western Rural Kenya is the highest in Kenya thus forces the single parents / guardians to abandon these children in search of casual farming jobs for their up keep.

This calls for sponsors  to come on board to support these children, pay for their tuition, buy uniforms, help them get at least one meal per day during school hours, provide them with learning materials e.g. books and desks and other stationery.


“Only the educated are free”. Building on our current orphans and vulnerable children program, TFEC looks to the future to empower all young people to reach their full potential and have an equal chance in achieving their dreams regardless of their background .We aim to provide sponsorship for students to complete basic education and supporting them achieve at the minimum, vocational qualification and possibly to further trade training or higher education.


The goal of this program is to provide career ‘Mentoring for prosperity” that can help the children from the Centre develop their skills, talents and understanding of different career fields.

The village is one of the poorest in western part of the country, and as a result, its residents face many challenges. This is particularly the case for school-age children, who often lack access to proper education facilities and mentorship opportunities.

In order to address the issues, the TFEC program hosts mentorship sessions within the Centre. Most sessions are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons, and includes presentation from guest speakers.

Through encouraging students to pursue their various career ambitions and providing a positive mentorship experience, TFEC strives to support the students and community as a whole.

Shelter Care

Prior to TFEC, many of the children lived on their own and were often on the streets, forced to find shelter in abandoned chicken houses, wrecked cars or makeshifts sheds. TFEC helps to ensure that all of the children live within homes in their community, and that entire family unit has access to the basic essential care and support. The homes are very simple and traditional yet provide the children with the essentials of substance, care, protection and security.

For this reason TFEC is calling for the well-wishers and donors to help build a dormitory for students in the Center to cater for their basic need “shelter”. Through this Children will have a remarkable capacity, to learn, since education remains essential for them to have the potential to alter their current reality.


TFEC undertakes farming activities. This project helps subsidize the current situation in the school. Most pupils don’t attend school due to the fact that there is no food. Teachers also need to be appreciated with the farming activities in the Centre, the school can at least get on easily. The center engages in Dairy farming, Poultry farming and Horticultural farming.


The Center has three dairy cows, due to the geographical location of the Centre, dairy farming is appropriate to the activity. The dairy cows are milked and the milk used to prepare breakfast and the rest is sold at a small scale. The milk is also used to add nutrition in the food to reduce malnutrition of the pupils.


TFEC has over 130 chickens. The chickens lay eggs and some broilers the chicken helps in running of the school and reduces expenditure, eggs are used for food, and some are sold.


Well-wishers have been very instrumental in supporting the Centre .This is due to the fact that the neighboring community appreciates the value that the Centre brings to it, one of the well-wishers in the community, accepted to lend a quarter of an acre. In the farm, the center has managed to grow onions. The onions, Sukuma wiki and traditional vegetables are used as food supplement and some are sold.

These activities have significantly reduced the level of crimes, idleness and drug abuse because the former pupils are engaged on productive activities.